About NetLaw
Attorneys, whether sole practitioners or members of a large firm, are the customers of NetLaw, Inc.  
NetLaw is the complete solution for the practice of law online, designed by an attorney, exclusively for use by attorneys. The design process involves many years of collaboration between attorneys, other insiders in the legal profession and cutting-edge technologists. And thanks to the attorneys who participated in our beta program giving us invaluable input, NetLaw is a simple and intuitive online system.
There will never be a "virtual" law firm and there shouldn't be. There will always be a need for a firm's brick and mortar presence just as there will always be a need for hospitals. NetLaw combines your need to provide the best service you can with your clients need for easier access to you in their time of need. 
NetLaw is NOT just an online video conferencing solution. We are distinguished from any online competitor in several ways:
  • ​NetLaw IS the practice of law online by licensed attorneys with no disclaimers or contracts. Its HTML5 based peer-to-peer, encrypted video and audio programming ensures a secure "privileged" connection between the attorney and their client, required by the State Bar of Michigan.
  • The NetLaw service is adoptable in all brick and mortar law firm environments. With "Switchboard" on, you are able to use your current staff to accept and forward video conferences. You can be on-sight or anywhere there is an internet connection via a desktop, tablet, laptop and/or Android cell phone. Switchboard is turned off when your staff logs off for the night, but you will still be logged in and can receive incoming calls until you actually log out for the night.
  • NetLaw includes a reporting system that stores all of the online activity of each client. These reports are available for your viewing on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. The reports contain which attorney in your law firm consulted with which client on what date, time, length of the consultation and the dollar amount your firm was paid for each transaction. Nothing else.
  • A complete validation process is provided to confirm that the client calling in is in fact over the age of 18, also required by the SBM. This process not only protects your firm but, your clients personal information as well. Clients are able to use credit cards, debit cards and other forms of online payment for your services. Upon completion of the consultation and you charge your client, those funds are directly deposited into your firm's bank account and all of the client's information is protected. NetLaw does not retain any personal information your clients provide.
NetLaw also offers the ability to process your monthly billing statement online - Pay Your Bill Online (purchased separately) through our associate company, NetLaw Merchant Services, Inc. , also a Michigan Corporation.
  • Our "Consulting" feature is unique and fosters consulting arrangements not just between other members in your law firm but also any non-attorney professionals you may currently have a relationship with. (i.e. accountants, therapists, psychologists, nursing homes, etc.). This feature allows your non-legal professional contacts to establish a video conference with you right from their own facility. This provides immediate legal advice for their patients and/or customers and puts you in touch with a new brick and mortar client.