Frequently Asked Questions
I am not an attorney. Can I purchase this service?
At this time, no. NetLaw was developed by an attorney specifically for the use by attorneys. As such, our suite of tools are currently only for use by attorneys holding current licenses, in good standing, in at least one U.S. state. Your license will be verified before you are granted an account with us. Your Bar ID and photograph will be displayed to clients who are speaking to you over our service. This is to protect everyone --clients and professionals alike-- from any potential fraud or impersonation.  
How does NetLaw "integrate" into my firm's website?
Once you register, you'll be sent a unique piece of code that represents your access to the NetLaw system. You will also be given a link that activates your personal "Video Conferencing" channel. Video conferencing begins when a client connects with your firm through your website.

Embedding the code we send into an existing website is straightforward and should take most web designers just a few minutes to complete. 
What if I don't have a website?
We work closely with a network of diverse and experienced web designers who are familiar with NetLaw's system and also with the Internet needs specific to law firms.  As these designers are in a network, they are capable of doing everything from just adding the code to your existing website to just a new look, to the more complex sites. Let us know what your needs are and we'll put you in touch with the right developer.
How much does NetLaw cost?
As NetLaw offers different levels of our services, feel free to contact us to discuss which of our services works best for you. 
Will NetLaw help my website get seen by prospective clients?
Registered law firms are listed on a designated website, connecttma.com (connect to my attorney, previously known as netlaw-attorney.com). This site lists your firms name, location, your practice specialties and your address. When a client clicks on your name, your website will come up, giving them full access to your site. Most importantly, they will click on your "Video Conference" link and connect with you!  As we are not a marketing firm, we highly recommend to continue utilizing your own marketing and social media campaign to its fullest to spread the news.  

A good place to start is by informing your current clients that this service is available to them and have your receptionist schedule their next appointment online. They won't know about your new service if you don't tell them and, good news travels fast you know!
How secure is the Video?
Our video conferencing technology utilizes an HTML5 based, peer-to-peer connection between you and your client, ensuring that your "privileged" conversation remains between you and your client. NetLaw does not posses the key to unlock that encrypted communication.