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How NetLaw Works
If you watched our video on the home page, you will see that we have made tremendous progress in the system since that video was made (2012) and we're getting better everyday! As we stated earlier, NetLaw is not just online video conferencing.
Once the client has been transferred to you and you make your greetings, the attorney/client relationship is established. You can then: 
All of this is done without the client ever leaving your website! 
The name "NetLaw" will never be visible to your client.  
One of NetLaw's best features that sets it apart from any online competitor is "Switchboard". Switchboard allows:   
The process begins when a current or prospective client goes to your website and clicks on the "Video Conferencing" page that will be added to your website. (If you do not currently have a website, we have many developers we work with who can provide this service to you). 
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When the conference has ended and your client has been charged, the total price will be billed to the client's credit card through NetLaw and automatically transferred to your firm's bank account. 
  • Your current office protocol to remain intact as your clerical staff will be answering the video calls; 
  • Video calls to be placed on hold by staff and transferred to you 
  • Attorneys to pick up the video call from anywhere, you do not need to be in your office;
  • When activated, the client will see that the law firm is online from your website; 
  • When not activated, the client will see the individual attorneys in your firm online. (This is an automatic change that happens when your clerical staff logs off for the day); 
  • As many clerical staff members as you want to be logged in at the same time. 
  • Enable the "privileged" mode at any time, which tells the client that this is a privileged consultation (and, so you can get paid for that consultation). (Clerical staff do not have this ability);
  • Track the per minute fee (also visible to the client);
  • Place the client on hold and/or invite an associate into the consultation;
  • Text a message if necessary to the client;
  • After approval from client, click on "charge" to collect the fees for your services;
  • Transfer the video call back to clerical staff to schedule the next video conference.
Your new client will insert their name, email address and their credit card information. The client will then be connected with your receptionist who will continue to be your gatekeeper. Your current clients do not need to enter their credit card information if you so choose. All of this is in your control.