Technical Requirements for NetLaw Attorneys
Your Web Browser

Our video conferencing system uses HTML5 technology, which integrates directly with your web browser, allowing you to conduct video conversations from a web-page with no separate application. This makes the browser very important! Any web browser that you use for communicating with your clients should be fully updated.

These browsers are compatible with NetLaw:

If you’d like to know more about your browser’s compatibility, you can visit to get detailed information about your specific browser version and HTML5.

Web Browser Plugins may interfere with NetLaw if they block JavaScript from running in the browser. If you have any difficulties running NetLaw and are using a Script-Blocking plugin (such as NoScript), try disabling it for that web-page.

(Ad-blocking plugins, as long as they are not also blocking JavaScript, do not usually cause any problems.)
Technical Requirements Checklist

  • Broadband Internet (2Mbps upload speed or faster)

Computers (desktop, laptop or tablet) that meet the following requirements:

  • Updated Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari browsers (allow plugins for IE and Safari)(Edge is not compatible with WebRTC)

  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) (formerly known as SSL)

  • Browser can run JavaScript (no plugins blocking JS)

  • Webcam or built-in camera, if your computer doesn't have one

  • Website that you (or a representative) are able to edit: NetLaw will appear as a video conferencing application integrated into your own firm’s website, and requires the addition of a single line of code to the web page you’d like it to appear on.

Quick Info: Requirements & Setup

Getting Started

Please verify that your office meets the technical requirements above (explained in greater detail below).  

You may contact us at any time to get a walk-through of the NetLaw software, or to ask questions of our Customer Service team.

Once you sign up, we will verify your credentials as a licensed attorney. We will then give you a username and password, and collect information from you such as your head-shot (picture) for display in the application. Then we will give you a single line of code, which will need to be inserted into the webpage where you want NetLaw to appear. (See the “Websites” section below for further information.)

We will provide training by screen-share or if desired, in person, to help your office incorporate NetLaw into your daily workflow. In most offices, clients who call you through NetLaw reach your receptionist first, who transfers them to the attorney(s) they need to speak with, exactly as most firms do with the telephone. NetLaw makes this integration of video conferencing into your office easy, and most people find that minimal training is required. NetLaw was not developed as a replacement for the telephone, it's an addition.
Detailed Requirements

Your Computers and Hardware

To use NetLaw’s video conferencing service, you will need:

  • A laptop, tablet or desktop computer (with camera and speakers) or Andrid cell phone
      (Apple does not support WebRTC)

  • A broadband Internet connection

  • TLS (SSL - we suggest for faster results)

  • A web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, IE or Safari (IE and Safari require a plugin)
       (Edge is not compatible with WebRTC)​
Notes on office computers

Most computers newer than 5 years old will have no difficulty running NetLaw.  

Computers with more RAM will perform better. If your video is jerky or any web-pages load slowly, consider adding more RAM, an upgrade that can be done to most computers inexpensively.

Your Internet Connection

Most broadband connections are plenty fast for NetLaw; and business class Internet is usually perfect in terms of video clarity, speed, and sound. If you’re unsure that your Internet connection is fast enough, you can go to (or any other speed-test website) to test your speed.  

Look for the “Upload Speed” number: You’ll want it to be at least 2 Mbps for best performance.

Your Website

In order to use NetLaw, your law firm will need to have a website, and either you or someone else must be able to edit it to insert the one piece of code we’ll give you. (You will probably also want to add a page for “Video Conferencing”, like Staver & Associates has done.)

If you do not have a website, or would like to hire someone to improve or update yours, please don’t hesitate to contact us -- we work closely with a team of developers who are experienced with law firms, and with NetLaw specifically, to whom we’d be happy to refer you.

​Operating Systems and Other Software

Any operating system that can run an updated Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari browsers should be compatible with NetLaw, as it runs inside the browser. This includes all supported Windows, Linux, and OSX versions.

Your Office Network

Each computer that you plan to use the NetLaw service on must be connected to the Internet. The standard HTTP and HTTPS ports, 80 and 443 respectively, must be open on your router. (If the computer can surf the web, these are usually already open.)

You can use AntiVirus and other security software with NetLaw, but depending on your individual settings, you may need to disable them while you use NetLaw.

NetLaw has not undergone thorough testing on complex networks, such as ones using VPNs, domains or proxies. Some types of configurations might limit the system’s ability to make a peer-to-peer (P2P) connection using HTML5. This can cause slowness, or in some rare cases, can prevent calls from connecting. If your network uses one of these technologies, you’ll want to make sure your network administrator is aware that you’re considering using NetLaw.