• Credibility. Clients are reaching out to you through your website for an actual face-to-face consultation;

  • Adaptability. NetLaw expands (not replaces) the functionality of your existing brick and mortar law firm and is completely adoptable to the current methods of practicing law.

  • Security. A comprehensive, peer-to-peer "privileged" connection between an attorney and a client (required by the State Bar of Michigan), in which a "physical action must occur" to the client in order to differentiate it from a public communication (such as Skype);

  • Validation. A complete verification process confirms that each new client is over the age of 18 (another SBM requirement). This procedure also includes the ability to receive payments for services rendered at the end of each consultation;
  Benefits of NetLaw in Your Law Firm
NetLaw provides clients with:

  • Confidence. Reaching out to you through your website provides a client with a sense of ease and validates that they are speaking with you, a licensed attorney;

  • Security. Clients are comforted that they will not be receiving generic answers to emails from someone who may not be a licensed attorney;

  • Convenience. The ability to meet with you, face-to-face, from home, work or on the road, whenever they need to. (No more getting babysitters or having to leave work early and not getting paid for it, etc.);

  • Relief. In knowing that their "privileged" consultation is just that. There is no difference between them being in your office or online;

  • Financial Savings. Online consultations can be cheaper than going into a law office.

  • Financial Savings. You can utilize your existing clerical staff and/or law clerks to accept and transfer video consults. Also beneficial to those new attorneys hanging up their own shingle, no overhead costs for receptionist, etc.;

  • Expanding A Firm's Geographic Radius. Connects anyone, from anywhere in the world that has a legal issue in a firm's state with a real time, face-to-face consultation;

  • Mobility. The ability to have a [paid] video consultation with a new or existing client from anywhere in the world via desktop, tablet, laptop, and/or Android cell phone. You do not have to be in your office to accept online calls;

  • In-house Consulting. A feature that allows you to "invite" an associate, law clerk or secretary from the same law firm to into the video conference. (Perfect for training law students and/or new lawyers);

  • Reporting System. Keeps track of each online transaction which includes the date, time and year the consultation took place, client's name, attorney name, how long the consultation lasted and the dollar amount paid to each attorney;
NetLaw's complete online system provides attorneys with: